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Edison & Manasquan Underground Strength Gym Athletes = RARE BREED


Why I feel the Edison & Manasquan Underground Strength Gym Athletes are a RARE BREED.

I explain in this video after being VERY inspired by the athletes this week in Edison and Manasquan Underground Strength Gym.

This will offend the excuse makers, that’s for sure.

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Be a Rare Breed!

Live The Code



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Brett Donner Awarded with Wrestler of The Year

Brett Donner of Wall, trains at The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym, is awarded The Star Ledger Wrestler of the Year

Brett Donner of Wall, trains at The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym, is awarded The Star Ledger Wrestler of the Year

BIG congrats to Brett Donner from Wall township who has been awarded with The Star Ledger Wrestler of the Year Award.

Brett trains at The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym and as I’ve mentioned before, he is often the first one at the gym and 99% of the time is the LAST one to leave, always staying after to do extra work on his own, without anyone telling him to do so.

Brett Donner training hard at The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym.

Brett Donner attacking his training at The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym.

I’ve seen Brett ride his bike to the gym. Actually, it’s not even his bike, it’s a pink beach bike but he didn’t use this or anything else as an excuse. He shows up and attacks his training like a champion.

Brett placed 3rd in the state this season, beating Edison Undergrounder, Jordan Pagano for the Bronze. The state champion was from Edison Underground Strength Gym, Jon Shleiffer, who wrestles at East Brunswick and will now move on to Princeton to wrestle.

Full Story on Brett in The Star Ledger is HERE.

If you have the work ethic and desire to become a champion, click HERE for details on our Underground Strength Gym membership for Edison or Manasquan.


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The Champion Mindset – Stories From The Underground

Stories from The Underground…..

Brett Donner places 3rd in state from Wall

Jon Shleiffer wins Gold & becomes 4 time All State for East Brunswick. Heading to Princeton U with a 4.2 GPA

Ray Jaz qualifies for states, has well over 100 career wins, beats many all state wrestlers and 2 x state champ, heading to NYU

Kyle Wojo places 7th in state, stays after training to do extra workouts

Joey Ghione trained in the morning, the evening AND the weekends, heading to Lock Haven

Champion Mindset……

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Be a champion.

Think like a champion.

Train like a champion.

LIVE like a Champion!

Live The Code 365


To Become A Member of The Underground, You Must Read the Entire Web Site.

Details HERE


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LIFT STRONG Fundraiser Winter Challenge


ALL Proceeds Go To Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation


Manasquan Football Coach, Billy Bertscha

When: Saturday, March 15th

Where: Underground Strength Gym
202 East Main St / Manasquan, NJ (Behind Sotheby’s)

Parking: CVS or Acme


Registration: 9:30 – 9:45 AM 

Start: 10 AM


- High School Under 175 lbs / Over 175 lbs

- Open (High School Graduates & Beyond)

Donations: $20 at the Door (Higher Donations Accepted)


** Gift Raffles / Prizes Will Be Offered **


The Story Behind LIFT STRONG

The Underground Strength Gym came to life when I was mentored over 10 years ago by a world renown fitness coach who decided to help me out. Unknown to me, he was battling Stage IV Leukemia. He never said a word about it. We chatted, day after day, exchanging e mails, chatting on AOL Instant Messenger (who remembers that!!??) and sometimes by phone. He never asked for anything return, except that I “pay it forward” one day.

When I found out that my friend was battling stage IV cancer I broke down and cried. I cry just typing this. I’ve learned that my position of influence in this world is not something to be taken lightly, neither is my health or the health of those I love.

For the past 6 years, soon to be 7, I’ve held a fundraiser every summer called LIFT STRONG where 100 % of the proceeds go to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. This our first winter challenge for LIFT STRONG and the first time the proceeds will be split for someone in this town who needs our support.

I also feel it’s important for people to take the time to reflect on their own health and how important it is. This is an opportunity for you to take a part of your day to do something special for others and to test yourself.

This is YOUR opportunity to Pay It Forward!

Important Notes

- Registration will be at the door.

- Please arrive on time. If you are under 18 you must bring a parent / guardian to sign your liability form.

- Donations will be split 50 / 50 between Leukemia Lymphoma and Medical Expenses for Manasquan Assistant Football Coach, Billy Bertscha, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma this past summer.

- Please bring cash or write checks out to cash. $20 Minimum Donation.

Thank you in advance for help. All spectators and competitors are welcome and donations will be accepted by ALL!

See you March 15th in Manasquan!

Live The Code,


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Underground Strength Wrestlers Prove STRONG at GMC Wrestling Tournament


The Underground Strength Gym of Edison

had 7 wrestlers in the Finals of The GMC Wrestling Tournament

This was amazing to see.

To see this many wrestlers from a tiny gym make such an impact at this tough tourney.

Our small gym has become world renown and from day 1 I’ve always said the kids are # 1.

It feels good to see that our coaches and The Underground has played a role in the success of these kids.

In addition, these wrestlers have supportive parents which is the KEY to all of this success.

They also have great club and HS Coaches and the critical aspect is having work ethic and the guts to do the work week after week, month after month, year after year.

YouTube Preview Image

3 of these wrestlers took Gold and Jon Shleyfer of East Brunswick was awarded The OW (Outstanding Wrestler).

3 wrestlers in consolations and all 3 wrestlers placed 4th in some hard fought battles

It’s NOT so much the places or the medals these wrestlers won but the obstacles they have ALL had to overcome to get that far in such a tough tournament.

Some of these are personal obstacles and I will not share them, but I know that these were stressful events to say the least and ALL these boys chose to rise above and become men amongst boys.

It’s easy to let life and stress get the best of you. I am always impressed and proud when I see our athletes face obstacles and defeat them rather than letting the obstacles hold them down and defeat them.


Taking Gold at The GMC Wrestling Tournament were:

Kyle Brown of Old Bridge

Ray Jaz of South Plainfield

Jon Shleiffer of East Brunswick and OW


Jon won his 4th consecutive county title and pinned in the finals!

I am sure he has broken even more school records and if I haven’t announced yet, he is going to Princeton and holds a 4.2 GPA

Princeton as we all know has a GREAT track record in education but their wrestling program is on the rise and the entire staff of Coaches on the Wrestling Team AND the Strength & Conditioning Staff are World Class!

Silver Medals:

Jeff Plungis of South Plainfield. Last year Jeff was barely 100 lbs and on the JV team. This is a HUGE success for Jeff.

Ryan Fahy of Spotswood
Dan Hedden of South Plainfield

Max Pavlis of Spotswood

Taking 4th:

Mark Shleyfer of East Brunswick

Mike Klimkiewicz of South Brunswick

John Sheedy of Bishop Ahr


After seeing the success of our wrestlers and all the other athletes who train here, we are proving that we are the best at what we do for athletes. Period.

If you’re a parent seeking the best for your child, sign up for your child’s Intro Assessment – Click HERE

We live for helping kids achieve MORE Success.


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Overcoming Obstacles, County Champ & 100 Wins


Above, Thomas Grosso of Seton Hall Prep wins the 170 lb County Title


Above, Ryan Fahy achieves 100 Wins to become part of Spotswood High School History!

I am beyond proud of Ryan Fahy and Thomas Grosso.

BOTH of these boys have overcome some serious obstacles to achieve such HUGE victories and be placed in the history books.

The season is NOT over yet, though!

Without getting into detail about the obstacles these 2 boys have faced in life, their success is in LARGE part thanks to their supportive parents.

Without their support, none of this would ever be possible.

I am proud beyond words of these boys and now it’s time to focus on the next goal.

Fahy still has the county tournament and both boys have districts soon enough!

The road to Atlantic City is ON!

Live The Code


PS: Are you a parent who wants to help your child achieve greater success?

Your child needs your support. If you’re a supportive parent, click HERE and get your child signed up for a life changing program.

This is NOT just about training for sports, we’re about training for LIFE.

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LOVE The Journey Of Success


You MUST fall in love with the long journey towards success.

The ups and the downs come with it. The bumps, the obstacles, the challenges – find JOY in all of them.

The key to Success is NEVER quitting.

Most Quit mid way through, others quit before they even start and some quit when they are literally one inch from the finish line.

Ray Jaz recently got his 100th career victory.

Ray has been training with us since 7th grade and last year wrestled at 120 lbs, cutting over 30 lbs.

This weekend, he got a tech fall at 152 lbs for his 100th career victory.


Then we have Chris Lee, who began training in the late fall his Junior year to prepare for Baseball.

He had amazing determination and he started out weak and out of shape just like everyone else.

He committed to the Complete Lifestyle, not just the training.

He ate healthy, showed up for extra workouts, did sprints in his backyard, played baseball with friends AND had private Baseball lessons.

Now he is a freshman in college and training harder than ever for his first season of college baseball.

Look what happens when you make the dedication.


Sunday morning at 9 AM The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym was pumping.

Our favorite boys from Roselle Park drove 1 hour (maybe longer) to get in their in season training.

Mark Signorello and Thomas Grosso.

Tommy Gunz is 9 – 1 so far this season and his confidence is sky high.

Sigs also has a 10 or more wins and received 2 GREAT awards for his final season of high school Football.


Sigs & Tommy Gunz traveled to Manasquan many times over the summer to train, eat and hang out on the beach.

It’s been awesome seeing these boys grow into young, successful men.

They’ve remained committed and have been willing to do the work that their competition doesn’t want to do.

None of these boys started out at the top of their game.

None of them.

It took time and effort, lots of commitment and doing what the majority of others don’t want to do.

You must decide if you want success or merely want to talk about success.

In Strength,

- Zach & Team Underground Strength -

PS: ATTN Parents.

Click HERE to sign up your child for his / her intro assessment.

PPS: ATTN Adults

Click HERE for Your FREE Trial Membership & Get Back On The Road Towards Being Fit & Healthy Again

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The Best Way To Safely Cut Weight for Wrestling

YouTube Preview Image


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2 Mistakes Athletes Must Avoid

What happens when an athlete is sore, run down and feels weaker than normal?

Is this over training or under preparation or ____________?

There are many answers but here are the BIG 2 mistakes to be avoided and HOW to avoid them to achieve maximum success as an athlete.


YouTube Preview Image

In Strength,

- Zach & Team Underground Strength -


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Ray Lewis Pissed Off For Greatness


This is an awesome video from Ray Lewis talking to a Basketball Team.

Ray’s dedication to training always inspired and impressed me. There are a good 90 something percent of our athletes at The Underground Strength Gym who need to start LIVING with this attitude, wanting more, demanding more and training for that next level.

This attitude will carry over to life, where you begin holding yourself to a higher standard in EVERYTHING you do – school work, the people you hang out with, the food you eat, the books you read and more.

You’ll remove the negativity and the bad influences from your life because you’ll be focused on GREATNESS.

The ball is in your hands right now. Do something about it or make excuses about it. The Choice is yours.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s NOT About Skill. It’s About EFFORT.

YouTube Preview Image

You KNOW if you’re doing your best.

Now it’s up to you to get out there and DO it!

Live The Code 365,


Do You Want To Become A Member Of The Underground Strength Gym?

Waiting for The New Year To Start?

Waiting Until This Or That Is Perfect?

Champions Start NOW.

Edison 732 379 9370

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