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Most baseball players and coaches understand the importance of the shoulder when it comes to throwing a baseball. More specifically, baseball players need to focus on strengthening the decelerating muscles. Pitching guru Paul Reddick has stated that your arm can only move as fast as it can slow down. Below are 5 awesome shoulder exercises you can add into your program immediately!

Band Pull Aparts

BPAs are a simple exercise that will strengthen the scapula. Add this exercise into your warm-up and also use it as active recovery in between sets during your workout. Typically 100 reps per workout will work wonders for your shoulder

Sets: 3-5

Reps: 10-20

Band External Rotation

This is yet another simple exercise you can do towards the end of your workout.

Sets: 3

Reps: 10-15

Band Shoulder External Rotation + Pull Apart

This is a great exercise I leaned from Chad Wesley Smith. Its very similar to the band external rotation exercise above but has the added benefit of training the scapular retractors in addition to the external rotators.

Sets: 3

Reps: 10

Face Pulls + External Rotation

This is a great exercise that trains the scapula retracers and external rotators. Add this exercise into your warm-up OR at the end of your workout

Sets: 3

Reps 10-12

Prone Shoulder Circuit

The prone shoulder circuit is a great exercise I learned from James “Smitty” Smith. Add this into your warm-up to activate the lower and mid traps and prepare your shoulders for a workout

Sets: 3

Reps: 5 seconds at each position

And there you have it, 5 awesome shoulder exercises you can add into your training program. Please keep in mind that while these types of exercises are important for baseball players, they should not be the meat and potatoes of what you do. If you focus solely on doing shoulder exercises you will not become a better baseball player.

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