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Men's custom Strength & fitness training: 

Monday, Wednesday & Thursday:
5:45 AM – 6:30 AM 

We’ve had Dads ask us about training for years on end and it’s time we made it happen for YOU. As a 48 yr old Dad myself, I have watched the tremendous decline of health and strength with adult men through the past few years……

Men feel BAD when they take care of themselves.

Men are missing connection.

Men are missing a supportive group of like minded men who are all pushing each other to get better not just in their health and fitness, but in LIFE.

Join our Exclusive Semi Private Training Group (Limited to 10 Men) & Get Expert Coaching, Monitored Progress, Safety & an All Around Individualized Approach.

The Executive Performance Training Group; Tailor Made for Men Over 40 & Limited to 10 Men. 

Men get older and little by little remove themselves from social circles and remove their hobbies.

Eventually, it’s a rut where men are NOT at their best in ALL facets of their life.

With our Safe, Individualized Coaching & unique approach, You will transform Your overall health:

  • Build Strength & Lean Muscle 
  • Speed Up Metabolism
  • Improve Flexibility & Mobility
  • Burn Excess Body Fat

Most of all, this group will transform Your Life.

That is always our goal, changing lives.

Sign up for the FREE Intro Workout HERE:

And YES, you can AND should share this with other like minded Dads out there!
Invite other Men to join you in this journey of Strength, Health, Confidence & Vitality.
Many Moms reach out and say how great this would be for their husband to do.
Women KNOW that a Strong & Healthy Man is a better man and a better Dad!
– Men / Dads need to STOP feeling bad when they take care of themselves.
They put all their heart & soul into caring for others and while doing so, they neglect to take care of their own health.
* Men can NOT be at their best for their family, loved ones and work / career if they are NOT at their best physically and mentally
– Men need to stop feeling guilty when they prioritize their own health. When Dads are strong and healthy, they are that much better for their family and everyone else in their life!
Choose the FREE TRIAL option. If you have a son or daughter training at The Underground, then use a different email address.
Moms – Tell your husband and get him taking ACTION!

Dads - Don't delay. Taking care of your health & fitness is NOT selfish, it's actually SELFLESS. You will be a better Man because of it.

This is NOT a Gym Membership. This is an Exclusive Semi Private Group Limited to 10 Men.

$295 / Month
3 Months Minimum, then Monthly Membership.

Membership will auto renew the 1st of each month.

To cancel, please email Sarah 2 weeks prior to the 1st of the month
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