Manasquan NJ

Underground Kettlebell Mini Camp

Are You Committed To Improving Your Life AND Strength (Physical, Spiritual AND Mental Strength)?

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OK…. the opportunity to take advantage of our FREE Kettlebell Foundations Class has ended.

Now it’s time to learn from Coach Riz for the next 4 weeks & improve your energy levels, lean up your mid section, boost your self confidence, strength and stamina.

If you want to step up to the plate and challenge yourself for a short and empowering 4 weeks with 2 powerful workouts each week, then sign up via the link below.

MOST people will prefer to sleep in and make excuses, on the flip side, there will be WARRIORS who want to push themselves and take the mind and body to the next level.

Perhaps that’s you? If so, The Underground is the place for you.

The world doesn’t need weaker people, the world needs more WARRIORS.

You Choose your future.

Warriors, click HERE to sign up for your 4 week Underground Kettlebell Training Mini Camp

Date / Time / Locations:

Day 1: May 2nd, Wednesday at 6 AM (Approx. 45 minute class length)

Schedule: Every Monday & Wednesday of May, 2012 at 6 AM

NOTE: NO Class on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28th

Last Class Is: Wednesday, May 30th

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Challenge your mind, Challenge Your Body

Burn Fat & Increase Your Energy


We will NOT be holding another Underground Kettlebell Mini Camp and certainly NEVER again at this low of an investment.

This Course is NOT for Strength Coaches.

It is for Adults, Athletes & Athletic Coaches.

Strength Coaches can attend our Underground Strength Conference, Details HERE