Rule # 1: To get stronger you MUST get healthier.

If you’ve got nagging injuries that you simply work around rather than addressing them you are limiting your true potential in human performance. Eventually, your body breaks down and your workouts become horrible at best as you constantly try to avoid the aches and pains.

Mobility work isn’t as glorious as squatting 405 for reps or flipping a 600 lb tire.

But… spend a 10 minutes a day working on some nagging issues you have and within a few short days you’ll be feeling 100 x better.

If you’re not healthy, forget about being able to bench, squat and deadlift heavy. Eventually, your body will break down like an OLD car and you’ll be moving like a clunk of shit. That’s the straight up TRUTH.

After learning the critical mobility movements you must use either for yourself or the athletes you train you will get:

  • Better quality of workouts where you can focus on being a BadAss rather than trying to avoid what hurts. How about having a body FREE of injuries? That would be THE ultimate goal.
  • Reduce and eliminate nagging pains in joints and muscles.
  • Faster Results in overall performance: MORE Strength, MORE speed, MORE lean muscle gains

As I always say, “Without your health, you have NOTHING.”

For close to 6 months I was unable to perform a push up without excruciating pain in my chest. I thought I had a pec tear with the excruciating pain. My Coaches, Megz & Riz, had been aggressively studying prehab and rehab, mobility work and I was reaching out to Kelly Starret.

With a few simple exercises I was back to push ups, heavy benching and most importantly, a healthy, pain free body.

The pain f**ed with my head and f**ed with the productivity of my day. I’ve seen it happen to countless others as well. They get lost in the world of strength and only want to lift heavy, when the focus needs to be on being healthy, remaining healthy and in turn, allowing you to keep on gaining strength and packing on lean muscle.

I took 3 months to step away from all heavy lifting. NO barbells and ONLY Bodyweight training. With more attention to mobility, prehab and rehab this issue could have been cleared up in a fraction of the time.

If you’re a parent of an athlete, a Strength Coach or Athletic Coach or simply someone committed to strength, you need to pay attention to the videos below and get your ass to our seminar.

Many have payed the price of pain and this is why we’ve put together this opportunity to learn to get Healthy AND STRONG, so yes, you WILL be training with us!

Check out these videos and hopefully we’ll see you at The Underground for our up and coming Mobility Seminar with Coach Riz & Coach Megz.

Space is limited to the FIRST 12 so act fast if you want in!

Below are the details of The ‘Get Healthy & Get STRONGER Mobility Seminar’

Where: The Underground Strength Gym

160 Talmadge Rd | Edison, NJ 08817 (Next to Apollon Gym)

When: Saturday, November 12th

Time: 10 AM – 2 PM

Topics to be Covered:

  • What is mobility training and how can you implement mobility to help you break records in strength, improve overall performance and dramatically reduce aches and pains.
  • How to optimally implement mobility training to deliver the fastest results in reducing aches / pains as well as improving the quality of your workouts, ultimately leading to greater gains.
  • Soft tissue work discussion / Understanding Mobility
  • Hands on Learning using Foam rolling & lacrosse ball
  • What is Mobilization and activation and how can they dramatically reduce aches & pains in your body.
  • Implementation of Mobility and activation exercises to address your specific needs
  • Underground Training session with Coach Riz & Coach Megz. Come prepared to train. This is where we LIVE the code, and will show you proper technique with lifting and post workout recovery.
  • Post Workout Static Stretching & Mobility Work
  • Q & A on training, mobility, stretching, addressing injuries
  • How to use Russian Kettlebells for Mobility

Sign up info is below….

Sign Up: 1 Person / $97 – Click HERE

Buddy Sign Up: 2 Person / $147 – Click HERE

Honesty / Commitment Policy: There will be no refunds if you miss the seminar so please ONLY sign up if you are fully committed and there is NO chance of your wife giving the birth the day of or your Boss telling you that you HAVE to work 5 minutes before leaving to the seminar.

Bonus: ALL Attendees will get a Lifetime Membership to Underground Strength Nation for FREE