Atten: All Underground members…Coach Megz is doing a 1 hour FREE seminar on Wednesday, May 9 @ 7PM. Check out the video for details…


Underground Strength Gym Performance Seminar

On Wednesday, May 9, Coach Megz will be holding a 1-hour seminar open to all Underground Strength Gym members.

During this mini seminar we will cover:

How To Squat

  • A complete rundown of proper squat technique to maximize strength and safety
  • Drills you can add into your warm-up to help you squat better instantly

New warm-up drills to  improve your mobility

  • Learn new drills that will improve your mobility, flexibility and help prevent injuries
  • Learn how you can get more athletic by adding these new drills into your warm-up

How to gain weight

  • Learn why you are not gaining weight and what changes you have to make
  • Easy to prepare meals that will help you gain weight


When: Wednesday, May 9 @ 7 PM

Where: The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, New Jersey

Who’s Invited: Only Underground Strength Gym Members

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