Manasquan NJ


You say you want to win, but do you do everything possible that allows you the extra edge & the unfair advantage that puts you in place to win and become better than everyone else.

How can you win when you don’t do the extra little things that add up to BIG wins?

I look back at the athletes who have trained at The Underground Strength Gym of Edison, NJ and who has REALLY stood out.

The reason why they stood out from the pack was because of their work ethic and their commitment to the program.

Brian “Curls” Pascal, Chris “Chow” Orzechowski, Charles Frankel, TJ Mitchell, Jim Beshada, Derek DeLaCruz to name a few.

Then there are those who train with us 1x or 2 x week and disappear during the in season.

The in season is the time when training becomes even more critical.

Use it or lose it, right?

How can one expect to maintain strength when not training for strength or training at all for that matter?

These are also the athletes who don’t make the big plays on Varisty or they don’t make Varsity at all.

So, if you say you want to win but your actions don’t align with your words, then it looks like you either need to start taking massive action or just shut up and stop talking trash when you can’t back it up!

Kill it!

–Coach Z–

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