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Speed training is a very misunderstood concept and while every athlete wants to get faster, more powerful and more explosive, there is a fatal flaw in the way athletes train for speed. Simply doing agility ladder drills or cone drills will not make you faster and more agile.

The truth is that in sports, whether it be baseball, football, lacrosse, basketball etc…no athlete knows which direction they are going to move on any given play.


Below are 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Faster:  

1. Carrying Too Much body fat

If you look at the fastest sprinters in the world and the fastest football players that run at the NFL combine, they are all ripped up and carry very little body fat on them. This is not by accident!

Let’s say we have two identical athletes and one weighs 180lbs and 8% body fat and the other one weighs 200 with 12% body fat. All things being equal, which one do you think will be faster? Clearly the 180lb athlete will be faster because he has a higher level of relative body strength. How many offensive linemen have you seen that run a blazing 40-yard dash? Zero

2. A Poor Foundation of Strength

Strength is the foundation upon which other physical attributes like speed, power and agility are built. Your foundation of strength is your horsepower, the stronger you are, the more potential you will have to run faster and be more explosive.

The fastest, most explosive and powerful athletes can handle their bodyweight very well. Before you start focusing on increasing speed, focus on building a solid foundation of strength.

3. Poor Running Mechanics

It’s no secret that poor running mechanics will slow you down. There is no better way to instantly get faster than learning proper running technique. Running is a skill and in order to run faster you have to learn and practice the proper way to run.

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