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NJ Football Player Transforms Himself, Here’s How!

In the video below, Travis, 1 of the original Football players who began with us out of the garage is another example of what happens when you FOLLOW THROUGH! Travis used to struggle on light trap bar deadlifts, I had to keep him lighter than 185 until we strengthened his back and legs. The other […]

Why High School (ALL) Athletes Need Experts In Strength & Performance Training

WHY Your Child Needs EXPERT Training Many of our HS athletes and parents come to us and tell us about Mandatory high school weight room workouts. I LOVE seeing our athletes doing BOTH, train at The Underground AND at their High School Weight Room. I hear about the need for camaraderie but the bottom line […]

3 TIPS For NJ Athletes Who Want MORE Success In Sports AND Life

[youtube width=”666″ height=”366″][/youtube] 3 TIPS For NJ Athletes Who Want MORE Success In Sports AND Life The past few years have been the most confusing times for parents seeking to help their kids achieve greater success in sports. There are literally millions upon millions of articles, videos and other content pieces on the internet delivering […]

Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing A Strength Coach – Pt 1

What Are The BIG 3 Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing A Strength Coach For Their Child?    Through the many years of working with athletes and seeing the explosion of strength coaches around the country I have noticed some common themes that seem to confuse parents and ultimately hurt their child’s success. As a parent […]

NJ Strength & Conditioning TRUTH & Transformations

The proof is in the pudding I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before. It’s true. Results are the TRUTH and results are where we excel. Personally, I hate building web sites and trying to hold referral contests and all the other behind the scenes stuff that goes into a business. I am a COACH. I […]

NJ Athlete Success Code

Take a minute and watch this video and the lesson I give at the end of the video. There is a code of success that you MUST follow if you want to become a champion. You can put it off, pretend you’re good enough or that you don’t need someone to help you make it […]

Purdue Wrestler, Tommy Churchard Trains Underground

Recently we had the GREAT fortune of having D1 Wrestler from Purdue University, Tommy Churchard come to The Underground to bang heads and see what our training is all about. Here’s a GREAT highlight along with a little lesson about TESTING YOURSELF…… [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] How BADLY Do YOU wanna succeed? REALLY? Do you separate […]

Summer Strength & Conditioning in NJ

Are you “too busy” for training in the summer? I’ve heard this comment from parents AND athletes since my first days as a Strength & Conditioning Coach. There are 168 hrs in a week. Most of our athletes train 2 – 3 hrs a week. Are you REALLY That “Busy”? When I was in high […]

3 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Faster

Speed training is a very misunderstood concept and while every athlete wants to get faster, more powerful and more explosive, there is a fatal flaw in the way athletes train for speed. Simply doing agility ladder drills or cone drills will not make you faster and more agile. The truth is that in sports, whether […]

When Should NJ Wrestlers Begin Training?

So, the NJ 2012 wrestling season ended for EVERYONE on Sunday. Congrats to those who made it to Atlantic City, BIGGER congrats if you placed or even won. Team Underground sent 13 wrestlers to Atlantic City and The Home News Tribune did a story on these wrestlers HERE (click to Read Full Story). When the […]