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In the video below, Travis, 1 of the original Football players who began with us out of the garage is another example of what happens when you FOLLOW THROUGH!

Travis used to struggle on light trap bar deadlifts, I had to keep him lighter than 185 until we strengthened his back and legs. The other guys in the garage were HAMMERS, deadlifting 405 and 495 for sets of 3 – 6 reps.

Travis was off in the corner of the garage, staying the course, never giving up and always doing the work. He weighed around 150 or 160 when we began training him.

T Woods competing in first ever LIFT STRONG fundraiser!
T Woods competing in first ever LIFT STRONG fundraiser! Circa 2007!

Travis stayed the course, he ate the way we recommended, he trained with us 3-4 x week AND at his high school. None of this “I’m too busy” or “I’m too tired” and his parents never said “Is it too much?”

When you’re in high school or college and living the lifestyle, you CAN run through a brick wall 50 times a day! MOST kids do NOT live the lifestyle, they don’t follow through on nutrition and in turn, they struggle.

You get what you EARN!

Here’s a Video of Travis his Senior Year in high school, the photo above was before his Sophomore year, you can see the tremendous transformation AND his levels of Strength.

– Travis is Benching 275 for reps

– Bodyweight Around 225 lbs (Approx 65 lbs gained in 3 years)

– Tire Flip 600 + lb Tire

– Explosive Bodyweight Training Demonstrating Relative Body Strength & Speed

– Full Range Pull Ups for reps

– 60 lb Triceps Roll Backs

Strong is STRONG. No such thing as weak AND fast.

I understand the common fads and gimmicks nowadays are convincing kids and parents in avoiding the HARD work and thinking one gets explosive and fast by avoiding hard and heavy training, it’s a FAD. A Gimmick.

Hard Work on the basics is the way.

** NOTE ** Our Members should have printed out the welcome packet, 2 copies; 1 for parents and 1 for the athlete.

Follow through on the Nutrition Guidelines.

Live The Lifestyle and stop lying to yourself; It’s too much for me to train here and at the high school.

Our best athletes ALWAYS did both, train at The Underground AND on their own / at high school.

You can have Excuses or you can have Results but you can NOT have Both.

Destroy those excuses and BUILD yourself into a CHAMPION.

ATTN Supportive Parents of Hard Working Athletes