Manasquan NJ

Why HARD WORK is King (Or Queen!)

** WHY HARD WORK IS KING (OR QUEEN!) ** A few months ago I was having a conversation with a Football S&C Coach at a powerhouse D1 University. He told me how 1 of the Most Important things the athletes of The Underground are learning is that of WORK. He said that even at the […]

The STRONG Life Academy & Showing UP During “Tough Times”

I am extremely excited to announce a new movement we’re bringing to the schools and The Underground Strength Gym. It’s Called The STRONG Life Academy. You can read all about it HERE. If you’re a Coach, Teacher, Booster Club Parent, Athletic Director or Principal, you will want to look into The STRONG Life Academy asap. […]

NJ Football Player Transforms Himself, Here’s How!

In the video below, Travis, 1 of the original Football players who began with us out of the garage is another example of what happens when you FOLLOW THROUGH! Travis used to struggle on light trap bar deadlifts, I had to keep him lighter than 185 until we strengthened his back and legs. The other […]

Why Athletes Are Injured 400% More Often?

Has your son ever been injured? If he is an athlete, which he is, the answer is YES. There are many reasons WHY athletes get hurt, and almost all of them we can do something about. For female athletes, the ACL injury rate is 400% higher than it was 10 years ago! Holy s**t! Think […]

Why Athlete’s Deserve An Honest Chance At Success

Our Saturday morning workouts have been pumping. The kids have high energy and we’ve got 10-15 athletes every Saturday. I LOVE it! 1 of my earliest athletes stopped in, he is pictured above flipping the 550 lb tire. Anthony Torchia is his name, and he began training in 8th grade and continued until freshman year […]

Manasquan Gym & Athlete Dedication Tips

Above, a GREAT quote by Walt Disney. GREAT for our athletes at The Manasquan & Edison Underground Strength Gym. During the teenage years, the athletes are primed and ready for putting on lean muscle, getting stronger, faster, more explosive and tougher. This is what I call the window of opportunity and I explain it often […]

3 Biggest Mistakes Parents Must Avoid When Choosing A Strength Coach – Pt 2

Mistake # 2 Is your child being pigeon holed into following a cookie cutter program? Or…… Is the program being individualized for your child? Does the program continuously assess your child’s needs, looking at weak points, strong points and also the mental aspect your child needs? Athletes are ALL different. They require different coaching styles. […]

Manasquan Gym – Underground Strength Gym

Here is a quick tour of The Underground Strength Gym in Manasquan, NJ. We’re located at 202 East Main St Unit 4 (Behind Sotheby’s and Kenny’s Garage) Parking is on Wyckoff Ave and you can enter our gym off of Wyckoff Ave as well (turn down the drive way that is at the brown wooden […]