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Our Saturday morning workouts have been pumping.

The kids have high energy and we’ve got 10-15 athletes every Saturday. I LOVE it!

1 of my earliest athletes stopped in, he is pictured above flipping the 550 lb tire. Anthony Torchia is his name, and he began training in 8th grade and continued until freshman year in college.

He was on vacation with family and met up with his friend and a manager of TEST Sports Clubs.

His friend was inspired and impressed with the work ethic and energy at The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym, as are all Coaches who visit.

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We have an open door policy for Coaches to come and learn. The reason being is because that is the fastest way to change this world, by educating Strength Coaches to do better for the young generation of athletes.


These kids deserve the BEST. They deserve to have mentors and coaches who can help shape them in mind, body and spirit to help them achieve their true potential in sports.

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But, since being open between 2 locations over 8 years, the only High School Coach to ever walk in was the former Old Brick High School Coach. Other Coaches may have already been my friends from years past or even my former high school Coach, Scott Gerba from Edison High School.


The Coach who visited us in Manasquan is seeking to create the same thing. The same vibe, the intensity, the work ethic and the system that takes younger athletes from beginner to BEAST. Believe it or not, he meets resistance from the top, which is why I left the public schools.


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Change is argued with, even when it means it is for the betterment of the kids. It’s amazing to see how many Coaches and Admin will turn a blind eye to helping kids get better because it requires CHANGE.

Until you are willing to change, you will NOT grow. This goes for athlete, Coach, parent, Admin, etc.

Change is where growth happens.

The Underground Strength Gym of Edison and Manasquan was created to change lives.

We’re here to help the athletes.

So if you’re a parent or a coach reading this, stop hesitating to connect with us to work together.

Many Coaches tell me they run the weight room on their own, or Dads tell me “I used to lift all the time” so they don’t want to relinquish control.

Our track record for success is very long. These young years for the athletes goes by fast. We’re here to help. I do the same for my own kids. I take them to Coaches. I don’t pretend to have all the answers for their sports because truth is that I do NOT.

“There Is No Better Strength Program In The State Than Here…. I Push Myself Beyond The Levels I Can Go On My Own When Here…”

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If you’re a Coach or Parent ready to give your child the best, we’re ready to go at all times. The kids deserve it.

Live The Code 365