Manasquan NJ

Success Story: Manasquan Athlete Changes His Attitude AND Life

I am inspired so often by the athletes we get to work with on a daily basis, I wish we had a full time camera crew in there to share their work ethic and dedication. The training these athletes go through is beyond what my words can describe. Many do not continue because it’s too […]

Manasquan & Edison Athletes ATTACKING Their Training!

Above, The Edison and Manasquan Underground Strength Gym Wrecking Crew the Morning of Christmas Eve. ________________ It’s been a while since sharing a compilation of our training so this is a good look inside just SOME of what we do. The details can not be pulled from this Video and every workout is different. So […]

Edison & Manasquan Athletes Dehydrated, Hungry & Exhausted?

This Summer has proven to be very interesting. This Summer I’ve heard the most “I feel light headed” comments than ever before. As well as these comments: – I woke up at 12 o’clock – I didn’t really get to eat today, I just had a bowl of cereal Many of our athletes, especially those […]

In Season Workouts & Why YOU Must Spartan UP!

I’m pretty psyched that The Underground Strength Gym was featured inside Inc. Magazine’s web site My buddy, Joe DeSena is the Founder of Spartan Race. They asked Joe to pick his favorite lessons from his podcast discussing lessons from successful people. The full article is here: You can also – or shall I say, […]

Why Athlete’s Deserve An Honest Chance At Success

Our Saturday morning workouts have been pumping. The kids have high energy and we’ve got 10-15 athletes every Saturday. I LOVE it! 1 of my earliest athletes stopped in, he is pictured above flipping the 550 lb tire. Anthony Torchia is his name, and he began training in 8th grade and continued until freshman year […]