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I’m pretty psyched that The Underground Strength Gym was featured inside Inc. Magazine’s web site

My buddy, Joe DeSena is the Founder of Spartan Race.

They asked Joe to pick his favorite lessons from his podcast discussing lessons from successful people.

The full article is here:

You can also – or shall I say, you SHOULD listen and watch my interview here:

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It is likely that come September we will open up an in season program with a 1 x week training option and a Sunday morning workout.

Training 1 x week in season is 100% MORE than Zero. This adds up BIG time.

If you stop training at The Underground, by the end of your season, you are at your weakest, your slowest, least confident and least prepared for the MOST important time of year: play offs, sectionals, etc.

Why STOP the very thing that gives you the edge?

“Too Busy” is what the NON successful say. We ALL have time for what is MOST important.

For the In Season Workouts……

Only current members can do this, though.

If you already quit, it’s too late.

The registration will open up in late August and will run in 3 month blocks:

Sep. 1st – Nov. 30th

I don’t want to have athletes here who bail out at the first sign of a busy schedule.

The desire to Spartan UP during tough times is what I want to see in you.

And, being “too busy” is not the case.

We all make time for what is important.

I know MANY hate me for being tough, BUT, I would hate myself for allowing others to make excuses when they are capable of achieving more.

I will always be OK w/ being hated for pushing people to be successful.

I don’t want to be LIKED b/c I allowed people to make excuses.

There is NO honor in living that way.

Live The Code 365,


PS: Listen and Watch, then, Take ACTION!

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