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In Season Workouts & Why YOU Must Spartan UP!

I’m pretty psyched that The Underground Strength Gym was featured inside Inc. Magazine’s web site My buddy, Joe DeSena is the Founder of Spartan Race. They asked Joe to pick his favorite lessons from his podcast discussing lessons from successful people. The full article is here: You can also – or shall I say, […]

5 Summer Training Tips for Football Players & 2 Mistakes to Avoid

This Football training article was originally published on my Blog but I wanted to keep this on our gym blog as well after years of seeing Football players getting threatened by their Coaches. I’ve been stepping up and voicing my opinion on the overbearing, ego-maniac parents and coaches out there who are hurting their […]

NJ Athlete Success Code

Take a minute and watch this video and the lesson I give at the end of the video. There is a code of success that you MUST follow if you want to become a champion. You can put it off, pretend you’re good enough or that you don’t need someone to help you make it […]

NJ Athlete Training: Football, Baseball & Wrestling Workouts

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] We’ve got Baseball, Football & Wrestling athletes training together. How is that possible? Simple, NOT easy 🙂 The fallacies of sports specific training and other gimmicks are confusing many athletes, parents and sport coaches. Because we train for all around athleticism, our workouts build up the athlete’s strengths, attack their weak areas […]

NJ Football Workouts – 6 Months To Get Ahead Of Your Competition

“Are YOU Working Harder AND Smarter Than Your Competition?” In 6 months Football doubles begin. Many schools have their own workouts and the Football Coaches fear what we do will hurt their kids or take them away from the team aspect of their very own Football workouts. Here are a critical elements to our Underground […]

NJ Wrestling Workouts

Check out long time Underground Strength Gym members attacking a workout together in preparation for College Wrestling. In this video you’ll see Mario Mason of Rutgers, who began training with us his Senior year at Blair Academy to prep for his 3rd National Prep title. Connor Gabriel, a former all state wrestler from Roselle Park, […]

Are You a NJ Athlete With An Excuse?

Winter sports are exactly ONE WEEK here in NJ. But, amazingly…. or NOT…. after only 24 hrs we had MANY missed workouts, phone calls with excuses and even NO shows… Too Busy to train 1 x week for 30 minutes at a clip…. The Question Is: Are you an excuse maker Or… Are you an […]

NJ Strength & Conditioning

In the video above you got a chance to see Bill Rauh, a Football Player & Wrestler from Edison and Dylan Marino, a Football Player & Wrestler from JP Stevens. Both are new to wrestling and now attending wrestling clubs to catch up on their skills. They are learning that wrestling will make them better […]

NJ Wrestling Dad Praises Underground Strength Gym

Some Parents “get it”. They understand the need for off season training. Some Coaches “get it” and understand the need for their athletes to seek out expert training. Anthony Rosamilia is one of the Dads who “gets it”. See what he says about the results his son has experience since training here 1 1/2 years […]