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    ZACH – very important comment regarding this…

    I was once in this situation, but I got out of it. Despite that, I was guilted by my coach for not going to every workout.

    His reason was that I wasn’t a “teamplayer” and wasn’t “comitted to the football family”. He claimed that me not being there was hindering “team” progress and that when a “brother isn’t with his brothers lifting”, then the team is “lt down”. I understood the point, but I thought it was moot and guilt-ridden. He understood that I was guy that put in work, but his shitty f*king ego had me go to all the workouts and overtrain. Not to mention the S&C was dumb as hell – running upwards of 20 110s before lifting every friday, for example? lame as hell – THAT hinders team progress.

    MAKES me PISSED. just a heads up, you might get that response if you were to show a coach your video.


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