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We’ve got Baseball, Football & Wrestling athletes training together.

How is that possible?

Simple, NOT easy 🙂

The fallacies of sports specific training and other gimmicks are confusing many athletes, parents and sport coaches.

Because we train for all around athleticism, our workouts build up the athlete’s strengths, attack their weak areas and make you better every workout.

The “sports specific” training is the sport itself. The training athletes need builds strength, flexibility, mobility, speed, power and confidence.

The mistake is to think each athlete can or can’t do all exercises.

During the In season is when the sport gets the changes to avoid overuse injuries but during the off season, we attack your weak areas and build you UP.

The Russian Kettlebells develop speed, athleticism, coordination, overall strength and mental toughness.

The Kettlebells are just 1 tool we use in a tool box.

These athletes are at the top of their game by training to become better.

The training they’re experiencing at The Underground Strength Gym compared to what their friends are following: laying on benches, machines, half reps, poor technique, etc leads to injury and NO results.

Ya gotta want it – once you want it and get committed, GREAT things happen!

See you at The Underground!

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