Manasquan NJ

What Does It Take To Train at The Underground Strength Gym?

Training at The Underground Strength Gym takes commitment, discipline, intensity and the desire to train above and beyond what everyone else calls “crazy”. Most parents want their kids training somewhere close to home, convenient and cheaper than every other place. They shop on price, not results or the track record of success from the Coach. […]

NJ Athletes Who Succeed Have Urgency

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] *** The MOST Successful Athletes Have This *** – A Sense Of Urgency. Athletes and their parents who understand success know that you must attack your goals quickly. NOW is always better than tomorrow. Waiting until Monday, next week, after summer, the new year, when school is over, when the season ends, […]

Jon Shleyfer Breaks East Brunswick School Record For MOST Wins

Above, Jonathan Shleyfer gets his hand raised after breaking the school record for most wins (104 Wins!) at East Brunswick High School Jon Shleyfer is only a junior and with 3 weeks left this season he will be racking up MORE wins. His success is NO surprise as he trains year round in both wrestling […]

NJ Strength & Conditioning Success Stories – Those Who Prepare, WIN!

Schleiffer Gets His 100th WIN & 3 County Titles!! [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] Mike Jennings Gets 3rd Consecutive County Title! Plungis Wins Tournament After 7 Days of The Flu! I LOVE getting these e mails, text messages and success stories from our athletes! LOVE it! I am proud of ALL of you, NOT because you take […]

NJ Athlete Success Code

Take a minute and watch this video and the lesson I give at the end of the video. There is a code of success that you MUST follow if you want to become a champion. You can put it off, pretend you’re good enough or that you don’t need someone to help you make it […]

NJ Athlete Training: Football, Baseball & Wrestling Workouts

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] We’ve got Baseball, Football & Wrestling athletes training together. How is that possible? Simple, NOT easy 🙂 The fallacies of sports specific training and other gimmicks are confusing many athletes, parents and sport coaches. Because we train for all around athleticism, our workouts build up the athlete’s strengths, attack their weak areas […]

Dedicated NJ Athletes

Above, The New Year’s Eve Wrecking Crew! Where Were YOU!!?? Monday morning, 9 am, 10 athletes showed up ready to kick ass and take names. Others were in wrestling, basketball or track and field practice. Then there were others….. You KNOW who you are. 9 am was “too early” for you…. you were “too tired”…. […]

South Brunswick, NJ Athlete Transformation

There is a common misconception that to train at The Underground Strength Gym you need to show up in shape, strong and tough. Well, that’s WRONG. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve worked with countless athletes who are LESS than 100 lbs when starting here, and, these athletes were high school athletes. Their […]

NJ Summer Speed, Strength & Conditioning

It’s summer time In NJ, a time where MANY families take advantage of the Jersey Shore and head down, weekend after weekend, before Summer makes her quick entrance and exit. But, during the week, what do the kids do? Sit around? Heck NO! This is the time to train and do what the majority of […]