Manasquan NJ

There is a common misconception that to train at The Underground Strength Gym you need to show up in shape, strong and tough. Well, that’s WRONG.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve worked with countless athletes who are LESS than 100 lbs when starting here, and, these athletes were high school athletes.

Their success came from commitment to our training program and following the nutrition guidelines we give you upon membership.

The MOST crucial aspect you must have if you want to succeed, pack on muscle, strength & confidence is a burning desire to improve yourself. To be better than you were yesterday.

Training is one commitment. Be prepared to be committed to following the nutrition guidelines we give you and the results follow at even greater heights. Every new athlete get nutrition guidelines to follow to help you increase energy, muscle building, fat loss and more.

We LOVE working with athletes who are undersized, weaker and slower than their competition. These athletes WANT to improve and have the burning desire to achieve goals.

Working with athletes who think they are already strong enough, fast enough, tough enough, etc – these Superstars have egos too big for us and don’t realize they MUST improve. We want parents and athletes who understand that if you are not constantly improving, eventually someone will pass you by.

Not only do you train hard when at The Underground Strength Gym you train SMART. Each and every workout is dialed in to get you the results you need. There is NO time wasted.

If you’re committed and willing to work, this is the place for you.

Don’t be Afraid…. Watch this video and you will understand that you must take the FIRST step….. See you soon at The Underground….

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