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NJ Athletes, NJ Wrestlers, Team Captains & Success

Team Underground – I have heard it all too often: Success Breeds Success Iron Sharpens Iron Congrats to these athletes and BIG thank YOU to these awesome parents 🙂 We seriously love you. How much we care about your kids is impossible to put into words!!   Zach just thought you would like I know […]

Underground Strength Gym Success & News!

Team Underground – BIG news and BIG thanks to the parents who helped us with your success stories and feedback! Thank YOU BIG time!! BIG congrats to Team Underground Wrestlers, Jake Daniel & Mikey Klimkiewicz. BOTH have been named Co Captains for next season & Mike is ONLY a sophomore!! Mikey’s Coach is BIG tie […]

South Brunswick, NJ Athlete Transformation

There is a common misconception that to train at The Underground Strength Gym you need to show up in shape, strong and tough. Well, that’s WRONG. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve worked with countless athletes who are LESS than 100 lbs when starting here, and, these athletes were high school athletes. Their […]

NJ Wrestlers Compete at The Underground Strength Gym

When our wrestlers and athletes train at The Underground, they also compete. Athletes don’t just need greater physical strength, speed and conditioning, but they also need greater mental toughness and fortitude. The lessons our athletes learn here carry over to their entire life, making them better in athletics, school work and life in general. Excellence […]

NJ Athletes Set the Bar HIGH

Gladiators, Left to Right: Dylan Marino / Freshman Football JP Stevens, Travis Woods / Freshman Football Montclair State University, Greg Grippo / Junior Rutgers Prep Basketball, Ali Yildiz / Sophomore South Brunswick Wrestling, Mike Jennings / Freshman Lawrence Wrestling, Zach Jacobs (center) / Senior Wrestling St. Benedicts Prep, Greg “Mr. Belmar” Zanetti / Rutgers Wrestling, […]