Manasquan NJ

The STRONG Life Academy & Showing UP During “Tough Times”

I am extremely excited to announce a new movement we’re bringing to the schools and The Underground Strength Gym. It’s Called The STRONG Life Academy. You can read all about it HERE. If you’re a Coach, Teacher, Booster Club Parent, Athletic Director or Principal, you will want to look into The STRONG Life Academy asap. […]

South Brunswick, NJ Athlete Transformation

There is a common misconception that to train at The Underground Strength Gym you need to show up in shape, strong and tough. Well, that’s WRONG. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve worked with countless athletes who are LESS than 100 lbs when starting here, and, these athletes were high school athletes. Their […]

Purdue Wrestler, Tommy Churchard Trains Underground

Recently we had the GREAT fortune of having D1 Wrestler from Purdue University, Tommy Churchard come to The Underground to bang heads and see what our training is all about. Here’s a GREAT highlight along with a little lesson about TESTING YOURSELF…… [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] How BADLY Do YOU wanna succeed? REALLY? Do you separate […]