Manasquan NJ

Jon Schleiffer flipping the 600 lb tire at the END of his workout, which was his "Extra Day', aka Champion Workout
Jon Schleiffer, NJ State Champ and 4 X All State Wrestler, flips the 600 lb tire at the END of his workout, which was his “Extra Day’, aka The Champion Workout.

Training at The Underground Strength Gym takes commitment, discipline, intensity and the desire to train above and beyond what everyone else calls “crazy”.

Most parents want their kids training somewhere close to home, convenient and cheaper than every other place. They shop on price, not results or the track record of success from the Coach.

Many kids are fine with training at the high school weight room because it is “good enough.”

A RARE BREED find their way to The Underground and “get it”.

These videos explain what it takes to train at The Underground Strength Gym of Edison and Manasquan.

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[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

You do NOT need to be strong to start training here.

You need the UNDYING COMMITMENT to becoming the best YOU can be and MORE.

Serious Athletes & Supportive Parents should thoroughly read our ENTIRE web site before signing up for a FREE trial workout.

You must be referred here through an existing member or have a referral from your Coach. Not all trial workouts result in membership.

Serious Inquiries Only, Please.

Thank You.