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When Will Manasquan & Edison Athletes WIN?

In this Video, Michael Irvin tells the Football Players at The U of Miami What it takes…. – What it takes to WIN Championships – What it takes to Succeed in Life Manasquan & Edison Athletes of The Underground Strength Gym….. Parents….. Pay attention to the details he speaks of: – The Process before you […]

The BIG Importance Of In Season VS Off Season Training

A SMALL percentage of athletes can get away with NOT following through on strength & conditioning during the in season. Those athletes are HIGHLY skilled and NOT the norm. They are the top 1 or 2 %. But, for those who STOP strength & conditioning in season, there is a big drop in their performance, […]

NJ Strength Coach Releases NEW Book! Encyclopedia of Underground Strength

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning Available At Amazon HERE Dragon Door HERE   The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning Available At Amazon HERE Dragon Door HERE

The Champion NEVER Accepts These 2 Excuses

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] The Champion NEVER Accepts These 2 Excuses….. On the same token, the Supportive Parents NEVER make these 2 excuses for their child, either: 1) I’m too busy 2) It’s too hard Summer time comes around and everyone is too busy. A time where you are no longer in school and sports camps […]

Intensity, Passion & Commitment for Life

Some athletes only train in the off season…. Some only train 3 months before the season starts… “I gotta get ready”…. Some parents think their kids are “too busy” to train so they take a break…. Check how often they are on their cell phones all week, it likely adds up to more than 3 […]

What Does It Take To Train at The Underground Strength Gym?

Training at The Underground Strength Gym takes commitment, discipline, intensity and the desire to train above and beyond what everyone else calls “crazy”. Most parents want their kids training somewhere close to home, convenient and cheaper than every other place. They shop on price, not results or the track record of success from the Coach. […]

Building THE Gladiator – Underground Strength BEAST Story

Some parents have been duped…. tricked… athletes have been duped… tricked. The fads, the gimmicks, the “buzz words” – sports specific training, plyometrics, power training and bla bla bla Wanna know what sports specific training is? It IS the practice of THE sport. Period. Does a middle school or elementary school athlete need “speed training”? […]

The Champion Mindset – Stories From The Underground

Stories from The Underground….. Brett Donner places 3rd in state from Wall Jon Shleiffer wins Gold & becomes 4 time All State for East Brunswick. Heading to Princeton U with a 4.2 GPA Ray Jaz qualifies for states, has well over 100 career wins, beats many all state wrestlers and 2 x state champ, heading […]

LOVE The Journey Of Success

You MUST fall in love with the long journey towards success. The ups and the downs come with it. The bumps, the obstacles, the challenges – find JOY in all of them. The key to Success is NEVER quitting. Most Quit mid way through, others quit before they even start and some quit when they […]