Manasquan NJ

Some parents have been duped…. tricked… athletes have been duped… tricked.

The fads, the gimmicks, the “buzz words” – sports specific training, plyometrics, power training and bla bla bla

Wanna know what sports specific training is?

It IS the practice of THE sport. Period.

Does a middle school or elementary school athlete need “speed training”?

You’ve been duped. Kids need to build overall athleticism – this means building a foundation of STRENGTH and MOVEMENT.

I feel bad for the kids whose parents are busy searching the internet for the holy grail, getting tricked into the fads and gimmicks.

Someone selling you fads and gimmicks is GREAT at tricking you. GREAT at results, inspiring, educating, motivating and building the mind and body? Nope. They have tricks for you.

Here’s the TRUTH.

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[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

If you’re a parent, be smarter…. be more responsible…. there are NO tricks to your child’s success.

Our track record at The Underground Strength Gym PROVES IT.

I don’t need to trick you. The TRUTH lies in our LONG list of RESULTS.

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