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You MUST fall in love with the long journey towards success.

The ups and the downs come with it. The bumps, the obstacles, the challenges – find JOY in all of them.

The key to Success is NEVER quitting.

Most Quit mid way through, others quit before they even start and some quit when they are literally one inch from the finish line.

Ray Jaz recently got his 100th career victory.

Ray has been training with us since 7th grade and last year wrestled at 120 lbs, cutting over 30 lbs.

This weekend, he got a tech fall at 152 lbs for his 100th career victory.


Then we have Chris Lee, who began training in the late fall his Junior year to prepare for Baseball.

He had amazing determination and he started out weak and out of shape just like everyone else.

He committed to the Complete Lifestyle, not just the training.

He ate healthy, showed up for extra workouts, did sprints in his backyard, played baseball with friends AND had private Baseball lessons.

Now he is a freshman in college and training harder than ever for his first season of college baseball.

Look what happens when you make the dedication.


Sunday morning at 9 AM The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym was pumping.

Our favorite boys from Roselle Park drove 1 hour (maybe longer) to get in their in season training.

Mark Signorello and Thomas Grosso.

Tommy Gunz is 9 – 1 so far this season and his confidence is sky high.

Sigs also has a 10 or more wins and received 2 GREAT awards for his final season of high school Football.


Sigs & Tommy Gunz traveled to Manasquan many times over the summer to train, eat and hang out on the beach.

It’s been awesome seeing these boys grow into young, successful men.

They’ve remained committed and have been willing to do the work that their competition doesn’t want to do.

None of these boys started out at the top of their game.

None of them.

It took time and effort, lots of commitment and doing what the majority of others don’t want to do.

You must decide if you want success or merely want to talk about success.

In Strength,

– Zach & Team Underground Strength –

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