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The Champion NEVER Accepts These 2 Excuses…..

On the same token, the Supportive Parents NEVER make these 2 excuses for their child, either:

1) I’m too busy

2) It’s too hard

Summer time comes around and everyone is too busy.

A time where you are no longer in school and sports camps are in full swing.

For an athlete, there is No such thing as “too busy” when you want to become a champion. You find the time for things that are important, if they are not important, you find a excuse.

For the parent, you decide if your child deserves expert coaching or you’re accepting of “normal” coaching in the weight room.

Normal actions = Normal results.

Normal is the same as average.

I KNOW that Champions NEVER wake up in the morning and pump their first in the air and shout, “YES! TODAY I’M GONNA BE AVERAGE!!!”

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You’re either IN, or you’re in the way.

Choose your path carefully.

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