Manasquan NJ


In this Video, Michael Irvin tells the Football Players at The U of Miami What it takes….

– What it takes to WIN Championships

– What it takes to Succeed in Life

Manasquan & Edison Athletes of The Underground Strength Gym…..


Pay attention to the details he speaks of:

– The Process before you get to the prize

– Being A REAL Man

– Outworking the Competition & NOT cowering under being “too tired”

– Harnessing Your Fear to Perform at a HIGHER Level

– Commitment

– Dependability

– Representing Your Family, School and The Underground Strength Gym

– Being Grateful to The Opportunity You Have Right NOW

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

I want you to re-watch this Video from Michael Irvin.

I understand that some kids can’t get here.

They don’t have parental support, perhaps they don’t want to be here (if that’s the case don’t bother reading) or perhaps they legitimately can’t get here because there is no option for a car pool.

But those of you who DO train at The Edison & Manasquan Underground Strength Gym….

– Are you outworking the competition?

– Are you harnessing your fear and emotions to drive you to greater intensity?

– Are you dependable? ALL the time…. NOT just sometimes?

– Do you say “I’m too tired” or do you step up and do the work?

Success is up to YOU!

Live The Code 365.