Manasquan NJ

What Does It Take To Train at The Underground Strength Gym?

Training at The Underground Strength Gym takes commitment, discipline, intensity and the desire to train above and beyond what everyone else calls “crazy”. Most parents want their kids training somewhere close to home, convenient and cheaper than every other place. They shop on price, not results or the track record of success from the Coach. […]

Summer Strength & Conditioning in NJ

Are you “too busy” for training in the summer? I’ve heard this comment from parents AND athletes since my first days as a Strength & Conditioning Coach. There are 168 hrs in a week. Most of our athletes train 2 – 3 hrs a week. Are you REALLY That “Busy”? When I was in high […]

NJ Wrestling Training at The Underground

I’m shocked at how so many wrestlers and athletes in general spend their time sitting on their ass playing video games instead of training to WIN. I am shocked because this is setting yourself up to LOSE. If you play a sport, do you play with the attitude of gunning for average? Well, here’s a […]