Manasquan NJ

I’m shocked at how so many wrestlers and athletes in general spend their time sitting on their ass playing video games instead of training to WIN.

I am shocked because this is setting yourself up to LOSE. If you play a sport, do you play with the attitude of gunning for average? Well, here’s a crew of NJ Wrestlers going for broke at The Underground as they prepare MONTHS in advance for next wrestling season!

Special Congrats goes to Ray DeLaNuez who has committed to wrestling at Rider University, a Division 1 Wrestling Program!

Lead from the FRONT!


PS: If you’re an NJ Wrestler or a serious NJ athlete and want to dominate, you can call or e mail us for a trial workout. Serious Inquiries Only Please.

Phone: (732) 379-9370

E Mail: UndergroundStrengthCoach (AT)