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*** The MOST Successful Athletes Have This ***

– A Sense Of Urgency.

Athletes and their parents who understand success know that you must attack your goals quickly.

NOW is always better than tomorrow.

Waiting until Monday, next week, after summer, the new year, when school is over, when the season ends, etc has NO urgency and in turn puts you in the world of average.

NO urgency to achieve BIG success leaves you in the same boat as 97% of all other athletes who are content with where they are right now.

Decide if you are content with being like everyone else or if you want to be the few who take their achievements in life to the next level. Once you decide, follow up with MASSIVE action!

Ray Jaz describes WHY he stays after for EXTRA Credit Workouts!

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Strangely and oddly enough, MANY athletes, parents and even Coaches are perfectly happy when having a poor success record. I see year after year, Coaches with losing records NOT doing anything differently.

I see year after year, athlete’s who regularly lose in their chosen sport NOT care about doing something different to start WINNING.

I see parents perfectly content as well – they see their child losing time and again and brush it off with a poor excuse.

I get fired UP when I see teams losing over and over and No ONE is stepping up to make a change.

THAT is a BIG reason as to why I coach athletes – I WANT to see them success, BUT, my desire to see others succeed is often times MORE than what the Coaches, Parents & Athletes themselves want.

Obviously, if that is you, training at The Underground is NOT for you.

Highly motivated athletes and parents only – otherwise, you will think I am crazy.

Then again, most successful, highly motivated people are viewed as crazy by average people.

Ste up and gun for GREATNESS!

Is there any other way to live??!!

Live The Code,

– Zach & Team Underground –