Manasquan NJ

It’s Superbowl Sunday.

A day of watching a BIG game and eating
a lot of junk food…. or NOT!

Well, first off, on holidays or days of
celebration, I think it’s VERY IMPT
to train that morning.

Earn the right to have some bad food
vs being a full time couch potato for the day.

Sit on the couch and you become the couch!

Second, I always found it strange if people would
yell at a TV while other men live out their
dreams and people are stuffing their faces.

Instead, be inspired to work harder and achieve
your OWN level of Greatness.

Yesterday I had a conversation with an
athlete and he was telling me how he was planning
his week at The Underground……

I’ll take tomorrow off bc I have practice on Monday……

I’ll just train every other day so I’m not too sore…..


– Your child is NOT being trained by amateurs.

If your child is new here, come in more frequently
so we can coach your child on new exercises and
get them physically AND mentally prepared
for what it takes to be a Champion.

NOTE: has your child read our welcome e book,
Good to Greatness?

Please print it out, read it and LIVE it!

The theory of training every other day is outdated.

It’s an excuse to not show up.

Do you practice sports / compete 6 days a week
in high school?


You don’t tell the Coach, I ran and jumped yesterday,
can I just sit down today and rest?

You will NOT rise to the occasion.

You will FALL to the level of your preparation.

Even if you’re not at the gym……

It’s actually NOT a day off.

– You’re stretching for 10 minutes every night or using
a foam roller or LAX ball for soft tissue work.

– You’re working on calisthenics to attack your weak areas.

– You’re sprinting hills or sprinting at the local park.

Last time I saw a kid sprinting hills was a few years ago
in my 8 years of living down the shore.

Maybe I see a kid once in a blue moon sprinting
hills in the Summer.

** Pick up Basketball games at the park across the street
from our Manasquan Gym
(where the town complained about
us for playing 10 minutes of Ultimate Football).

Last time I saw that at this park was NEVER in my 8 yrs of living here.

** Did you know I had to hire a lawyer over us warming up with
Ultimate Football for 10 minutes at a desolate park **

It’s TOO easy to win nowadays because sooooo many
people quit or come up with excuses.

Look, even the town I live in tried stopping us from exercising.

Are we intense at The Underground Strength Gym?

YES! So what!?

Nothing wrong with wanting to WIN.

But people love to hate the Winners, do NOT fall
to that low standard.

I will NOT.

To develop Strength for sports AND life, it’s gonna
take HARD work in AND out of the gym.

I can see a Mile away a body that is well fed vs
a body that eats endless processed food.

The healthy eater has healthy skin, the muscles are
consistently growing and the athlete has Great energy.

The crap food eater struggles to gain muscle and actually
looks as if he / she does not train at all.

Chicken, Steak, Potatoes, salad, fruit, whole milk…..

It’s simple, don’t complicate it and be disciplined.

Yesterday while dropping my son off at Baseball
I overheard 2 high school Baseball payers asking
one another…..

Are you still lifting?

No! hahahahaha

They laughed because they weren’t training outside
of Baseball skill work.

It’s amazing but I see this often,
You’re “friends” laugh at you or try to
make fun of you because you’re
a hard worker.

I believe it’s a bad thing to be called a “try hard”?

Listen, we need athletes who strive for average
because NOT everyone can be a Champion.

That’s the TRUTH.

Who needs lame friends who laugh at hard work, anyway?

If you reverse engineer your goals, will it help you to become:

– stronger

– faster

– more explosive

– better conditioned

– stronger joints to reduce chances of injury

– more confidence

– physical and mental durability

That’s 7 traits to HELP you.

But I’m too busy.

I have heard that before as well.

The athletes on our success stories page

Have achieved conference titles, all state, state champ,
all american and national titles while also being in
honors classes and getting scholarships to
GREAT academic schools.


Because GREAT athletes are also GREAT People.

They work for Excellence in ALL areas, not just sports.

We had a state champ wrestler who had a 4.2 GPA.

We’ve worked with athletes who have gone to
IVY League Schools.

They didn’t say, I will do good in school BUT average in sports.

Imagine telling this to a college or a coach, they will walk away from that attitude in a milisecond.

If it’s important, you find a way, if not, you find an excuse.

Everything above is about choices.

Decide to be Great and DO THE WORK.

See you at The Underground.

Live The Code 365