Manasquan NJ

In the video above you got a chance to see Bill Rauh, a Football Player & Wrestler from Edison and Dylan Marino, a Football Player & Wrestler from JP Stevens.

Both are new to wrestling and now attending wrestling clubs to catch up on their skills.

They are learning that wrestling will make them better at Football and vice versa. Being a multi-sport athlete who is stronger and faster than the competition adds more skill to your arsenal not just physically, but mentally as well.

When Billy started training here he was about 118 lbs and couldn’t deadlift 135 lbs, in the video you see him easily deadlifting 325 lbs!! 200 lbs More than when he started!

Dylan began in 7th grade and was barely able to perform a good push up, now a freshman, he is deadlifting 315 and went from 130 something lbs to 170 lbs!

Results don’t just happen, they are EARNED.

Becoming a champion athlete requires YOU to do the work that others aren’t willing to do.

In Strength,


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