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NJ Strength & Conditioning

In the video above you got a chance to see Bill Rauh, a Football Player & Wrestler from Edison and Dylan Marino, a Football Player & Wrestler from JP Stevens. Both are new to wrestling and now attending wrestling clubs to catch up on their skills. They are learning that wrestling will make them better […]

NJ Speed Training: Avoid These Fads and Gimmicks

Above, Strong AND Fast! Let’s set it straight. You want speed training? What is The TRUTH about getting fast as all heck and developing the ability to run over your opponents like a run away freight train? When You think speed training, it is likely you think it has to do with running on speed […]

NJ High School Football Player & Wrestler Gains 20 + lbs of Muscle

Check out the Wilk Rd BEASTS….. I actually once upon a time lived on Wilk Rd, ha ha Billy Rauh weighs 145 lbs and started with us at just under 120 lbs! He began training for high school Football and will now be joining the wrestling team as well. In less than 9 months Billy […]