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Above, Strong AND Fast!

Let’s set it straight. You want speed training?

What is The TRUTH about getting fast as all heck and developing the ability to run over your opponents like a run away freight train?

When You think speed training, it is likely you think it has to do with running on speed ladders (with your head down) and running with parachutes? You envision fancy foot work, first step quickness, perfect arm motion drills and other cool looking techniques.

What about first step quickness? I had a parent ask me about first step quickness when his son looked like a dough boy, carrying tons of excess body fat and little or no muscle.


Above, NO need to worry about “first step quickness” when you’re a FAT Bastard

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

Did his son need “first step quickness? NO.

His son needed MORE muscle, more strength, more power and less body fat.

In turn, through developing these specific qualities, we would have made transformed his son into a more explosive, faster athlete.

His gains in strength and speed would translate into greater force production through his legs.

The KEY to speed is force production, aka, STRENGTH. If you’re FAT or WEAK,  there is NO need to talk about first step quickness, running technique, etc.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

We have become a society sold on shortcuts, fads and gimmicks. Everything is about the short cut and goes against hard work and commitment.

This is a shame because avoiding hard work and commitment you do NOT develop the mental toughness required to achieve success in sports or life.

Have you ever seen Weak athletes who are FAST?


Do you notice that the FASTEST athletes are built like a brick shit house?


Above, Agile, Mobile & Hostile. Strong as Hell to Boot!

At The Underground Strength Gym, we get focus on getting YOU RESULTS. Period.

We won’t conform to the “speed schools” who have the fancy cones and ladders to run through.

Instead, we develop brutally strong, explosive, high conditioned, confident and ready to go athletes.

Everything we do is focused on making you faster and more explosive.

So if you’re asking if we do “speed training”, the answers is “Yes!”

Don’t ask us about ladders, gimmicks and fads.

We’re not here to bull shit our way to success, we do it through results, and that comes through a specialized program where we use the development of strength, speed and power to improve your speed in running or ANY motion you use in your given sports.

Are you ready to earn your speed?

In Strength,

–Z & Team Underground–

PS: Agility ladders, cones and gimmicks, go elsewhere.

To help your child develop TRUE explosive speed and power, call us for your child’s free intro and strategy session to determine which program of ours is the best fit for your child.

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