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Check out the Wilk Rd BEASTS….. I actually once upon a time lived on Wilk Rd, ha ha

Billy Rauh weighs 145 lbs and started with us at just under 120 lbs! He began training for high school Football and will now be joining the wrestling team as well. In less than 9 months Billy gained 20 + lbs of muscle, check him out below doing 6 laps (approximately 200′) inside the gym with 70 lb Russian Kettlebells.

Even during Football season Billy has continued to train 2 x week AND is getting stronger and adding muscle. Others have stopped and quit training altogether with excuses about being too busy, too banged up and too tired.

As the saying goes, “Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard.”

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PS: If you’re a hard worker and committed we will help you win more, develop confidence, pack on muscle and develop brute strength. If you’re lazy and an excuse maker, you’ve stumbled across the wrong place.

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