Manasquan NJ

“Football Specific Workouts” at Manasquan & Edison Underground Strength Gym

Above, Auburn Football Going Through Their “Football Specific Workouts” I’m NOT just on a mission to build Champions in Sports AND In Life….. I’m on a Mission to educate the public so they STOP getting fooled into trickery. Our young athletes get duped and spend their money on “special protein shakes” that will help their […]

Manasquan & Edison Athletes Learn From a 10 Year NFL Veteran

Parents – Please read ALL e mails. I had parents asking me to hold a shirt for their son when our e mails stated that these are limited edition, pre order only. We’ve also had parents sending kids to The Underground not knowing that we didn’t have morning workouts the final week of summer. This […]

5 Summer Training Tips for Football Players & 2 Mistakes to Avoid

This Football training article was originally published on my Blog but I wanted to keep this on our gym blog as well after years of seeing Football players getting threatened by their Coaches. I’ve been stepping up and voicing my opinion on the overbearing, ego-maniac parents and coaches out there who are hurting their […]

HUGE Underground Success Story

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] Lessons Learned Here: – Don’t train 1 x week unless it’s the IN Season. It’s a $50 dollar difference. Step up, go for the BEST. – Eat as outlined in our welcome packet. – Don’t make excuses on eating & don’t blame your parents for skipping breakfast or only eating 1 sandwich […]

Underground Football Training in NJ

If you want to prepare for the battle on the Gridiron then don’t expect to get the results you need by following a traditional program… Don’t expect to gain that mental edge by surrounding yourself with a slew of lazy teammates who aren’t in the weight room to attack and train to WIN….. Here’s a […]

NJ Strength & Conditioning

In the video above you got a chance to see Bill Rauh, a Football Player & Wrestler from Edison and Dylan Marino, a Football Player & Wrestler from JP Stevens. Both are new to wrestling and now attending wrestling clubs to catch up on their skills. They are learning that wrestling will make them better […]

NJ Football & Wrestling Training

Check out our BEAST, Curls, tearing it up one week before he had to head to Football Camp at Johns Hopkins University. The best thing we did for Curls was get him to wrestle Senior Year in high school – he became faster, more explosive, more athletic, more agile, mobile and hostile 🙂 As you […]

NJ Football Player Frightens the Competition

Travis Woods of Edison began training at The ORIGINAL Underground Strength Gym, the 2 car garage in the heights of Edison. He weighed 160 lbs and couldn’t deadlift more than 185 lbs without rounding his back. He was off on his own, forced to deadlift light weights over and over until he developed the requisite […]