Manasquan NJ

If you want to prepare for the battle on the Gridiron then don’t expect to get the results you need by following a traditional program… Don’t expect to gain that mental edge by surrounding yourself with a slew of lazy teammates who aren’t in the weight room to attack and train to WIN…..

Here’s a quick glimpse of some of our Football players getting after it…. Many of them are here AFTER doing the required work in their high school weight room….

NOT ironically, their Football Coaches told them to STOP training at The Underground…. “It’s Too Much….” they say…. wow, them sounds like quittin’ words to me!

We do NOT accept that bull shit talk at The Underground, we train you to win, not just physically, but mentally as well.

I’m tired of Coaches talking with such negativity and I’m tired of motivated athletes being forced to train amongst quitters and lazy asses.

That does NOT happen at The Underground, period, end of story.

YES… we’re a Private Club…

YES…. we’re exclusive and not everyone is accepted here

NO…. we are NOT closed….. Closed to the public, maybe, but, if you can show us you wanna WIN and you bust your ass through your trial workout you have an opportunity that many never get.

Mom… Dad…. do NOT sign up for a trial unless little Johnny or Jenny want to become champions, plain and simple.

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How can you sign up for a trial workout?

Go to our home page HERE and fill out the form.

REMEMBER: Cry babies, whiners, lazy folk…. unsupportive parents… NOT welcome.

Bring an open mind and a BIG heart and prepare to crush ALL those obstacles that negative people told you that you couldn’t ad shouldn’t do. Normal thinking = Normal results.

We’re NOT normal.

Underground 4 Life

– Team Underground –