Manasquan NJ

Underground Kettlebell Mini Camp in Edison, NJ

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″]–WfaQ[/youtube] If you’d like to partake in our first FREE Underground Kettlebell Foundations Class, you must e mail us at UndergroundStrengthCoach (AT) with the following information: 1) First & Last Name 2) Home Address 3) Phone # 4) How Did You Hear About Us? Date / Time: Monday, April 30th at 6 […]

Underground Football Training in NJ

If you want to prepare for the battle on the Gridiron then don’t expect to get the results you need by following a traditional program… Don’t expect to gain that mental edge by surrounding yourself with a slew of lazy teammates who aren’t in the weight room to attack and train to WIN….. Here’s a […]

NJ Athletes Training with Kettlebells

Kettlebells are just a tool, not the end all be all, magic bullet of athletic performance. But, when used correctly, Kettlebells can be a very effective training tool for our NJ athletes. They can be used to improve: – athleticism – strength endurance – power endurance – grip strength – core strength / trunk stability […]

Youth Athlete Training in NJ

Here’s an 8th grader training at The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ. Last Spring he broke his wrist and had to get his hand and wrist reset in place. In June, Dylan could barely carry a pair of 36 lb Kettlebells. Below, he swings an 88 lb Kettlebell and carries a pair of 88 […]

Wrestler Training at The Underground Strength Gym

Here we are, wrestlers from all around NJ traveling to The Underground to become BEASTS! In this video you’ll see wrestlers from Plainfield, Spotswood and Old Bridge. They attend wrestling clubs such as CJA Wrestling Club and The Edge School of Wrestling. YES, I am ALWAYS this crazy when I train our athletes! I LOVE […]

The Power House of Edison, NJ

Anthony Rosamilia, a wrestler from Bishop Ahr High School, weighs 105 lbs, but he tears through a 250 lb tire and wrestles at The CJA Wrestling Club. Those are 2 LETHAL weapons right there. Drop your comments below! Peace! –Z– PS: Want to be a member of The Underground Strength Club? Call or e mail us […]