Manasquan NJ

Here’s an 8th grader training at The Underground Strength Gym in Edison, NJ.

Last Spring he broke his wrist and had to get his hand and wrist reset in place. In June, Dylan could barely carry a pair of 36 lb Kettlebells.

Below, he swings an 88 lb Kettlebell and carries a pair of 88 lb Kettlebells!

Dylan’s main sport of focus is Football, BUT, he also wrestles to improve his conditioning, athleticism and mental toughness.

Young athletes should engage in a variety of sports as well as a properly organized training program, which is what we do for the many middle school athletes who train with us at The Underground Strength Gym.

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  1. Exactly all these parents want there little Johnny,to be a superstar,but the dont want little Johnny to pay the price to get there,,they dont want him to have to get used to the grind,the day in and day out,of lifting weights,conditioning,eating right,having dicipline,they want there kids to have there spring breaks,during the season,,and when they come back and there kid isnt starting anymore,theyll be the first ones to complain,,its digusting,anmd it needs to stop..