Manasquan NJ

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If you’d like to partake in our first FREE Underground Kettlebell Foundations Class, you must e mail us at UndergroundStrengthCoach (AT) with the following information:

1) First & Last Name

2) Home Address

3) Phone #

4) How Did You Hear About Us?

Date / Time: Monday, April 30th at 6 AM (please arrive 5 minutes early)

We are limiting space to the first 12 who sign up.

What does “FREE” Really Mean?

Be committed if you’re signing up.

FREE of cost does NOT mean FREE of commitment, FREE of effort or FREE of making sure you schedule is clear and your mind is ready to show up and train at 6 AM on Monday, April 30th.

This FREE Foundations Class will cover the basics, even if you’re an experienced Kettlebell lifter, show up, get your technique dialed in. We’ve seen many “experienced” kettlebell trainees who are performing the basics incorrectly and unsafely.

See you at The Underground Strength Gym, April 30th, 5:55 AM!

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