Manasquan NJ

Lift STRONG 2016 for Leukemia & Lymphoma = HUGE Success

WOW! Lift STRONG 2016 held at The Manasquan Underground Strength Gym was an AMAZING Success! 19 Men’s Open Competitors 8 Middle School Competitors 33 HS Competitors We have some extra donations coming in this week so that brings us just over $3K in Donations for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!! This has been Our biggest […]

Manasquan & Edison Athletes “Men In The Arena” & Navy SEAL Advice

Before I share some Great News, I want to share a favorite quote we must start implementing in our LIFE. Apply these words to your training and your life and you WILL begin achieving more success as you push outside your comfort zone. We call this getting comfortable being Uncomfortable. [youtube width=”700″ height=”400″][/youtube] CONGRATS TO […]

Manasquan & Edison Athletes: Your SELF Discipline Says It ALL

Your self discipline will be the BIG factor contributing to your Success OR keeping you from becoming a success. When an athlete who is undersized and weak starts training with us, we hammer home and give the guidelines required in nutrition and training. If that athlete skips breakfast on the regular, eats junk on the […]

WANTED: Hard Working, Dedicated, Hungry & Passionate Athletes Near Edison & Manasquan, NJ

Some of our athletes quietly come to The Underground Strength Gym, doing their training with a RARE, quiet intensity. They don’t say much but their intensity speaks quite loud…. Sometimes…… I find out about the success stories of our Manasquan & Edison athletes through following a newspaper reporter on Twitter or Facebook. Other times….. I […]

Manasquan & Edison Athletes: Prepare, Perform, PREVAIL

With E Guy & Olympian, Steve Mocco at American Top Team in Florida! Time flies! This weekend is already the district tournament for wrestlers. It is the weekend when the TRUTH comes out regarding every wrestler’s preparation or lack of preparation. For some, it is the beginning of their journey and goals towards Atlantic City […]

Nutrition Tips & Mistakes to Avoid for Edison & Manasquan Athletes

Nutrition tells the TRUTH. I can see a Mile away who is dialing in their nutrition and who is NOT. The key to maximizing your training is to eat a strong, healthy style of eating. Eat when hungry and eat plenty of healthy foods. Teen athletes can easily follow the 80/20 rule of eating where […]

Manasquan & Edison Athletes ATTACKING Their Training!

Above, The Edison and Manasquan Underground Strength Gym Wrecking Crew the Morning of Christmas Eve. ________________ It’s been a while since sharing a compilation of our training so this is a good look inside just SOME of what we do. The details can not be pulled from this Video and every workout is different. So […]

Manasquan & Edison Athletes Learn From a 10 Year NFL Veteran

Parents – Please read ALL e mails. I had parents asking me to hold a shirt for their son when our e mails stated that these are limited edition, pre order only. We’ve also had parents sending kids to The Underground not knowing that we didn’t have morning workouts the final week of summer. This […]

Manasquan & Edison Gym: KEY Nutrition Tips for Our Athletes

Above, Brian “Curls” Pascal training out of The Garage days of The Underground Strength Gym. He would wake up and eat 8 eggs, 4 whites and 4 yolks. He would also have a bowl of oatmeal AND a protein shake! That was his breakfast 7 days a week, not just on weekends. At school, he […]

Results of The Underground Strength Gym Fishing Derby In Manasquan

Above, The FIRST EVER Underground Strength Gym Fishing Derby, July 19, 2015 at MACS Pond in Manasquan, NJ! WOW! What an AWESOME time we had at The FIRST EVER Underground Strength Gym Fishing Derby at MACS pond In Manasquan. As usual, Howell brought the heat and showed the most dedication! Some of our own Manasquan […]