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Lessons Learned Here:

– Don’t train 1 x week unless it’s the IN Season. It’s a $50 dollar difference. Step up, go for the BEST.

– Eat as outlined in our welcome packet.

– Don’t make excuses on eating & don’t blame your parents for skipping breakfast or only eating 1 sandwich at lunch.

– When you practice the warm up at home, when 10 reps becomes easy do 15 reps, then build up to 20, 3o and 50 reps in a row. Your body won’t strengthen nor will your mind until you push the envelope.

Here are some older videos of Curls in training….. Remember, once upon a time he was the slowest, weakest, chubbiest and most unathletic kid. He decided to change that and it took a LOT of work, commitment, dedication and consistency.

Ask yourself…. Are You REALLY dedicated and committed to becoming a champion in sports AND life?

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From Over 6 Years Ago…..

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Coach Chow From His Senior Year In High School….

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Live The Code

Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Work Ethic