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Travis Woods of Edison began training at The ORIGINAL Underground Strength Gym, the 2 car garage in the heights of Edison. He weighed 160 lbs and couldn’t deadlift more than 185 lbs without rounding his back.

He was off on his own, forced to deadlift light weights over and over until he developed the requisite strength to go heavier. Motivating him on the other side of the garage were some of the original Underground athletes, also Football players from Edison: Brian “Curls” Pascal and Jimmy “Coop” Cooper – 2 of the strongest dudes to ever go through the Underground, both with trap bar deadlifts over 600 lbs.

Recently, T Woods made a memorable appearance in the Snapple Bowl, memorable for the Coaches and memorable for the players, especially those that stood in his way. Check out this write up The Home News Tribune did on T Woods, and, check out some OLDER pics below when t Woods was a skinny kid and how he transformed himself.

Any Division 1 Football Coaches who wanna connect with T Woods don’t hesitate to shoot an e mail my way and I will pass on the good word! haha

T Woods competing in first ever LIFT STRONG fundraiser!
T Woods competing in first ever LIFT STRONG fundraiser!

As you can see from the videos above, T Woods has come a LOOONG way, but, he put in ALL the hard work, the commitment to training and nutrition AND the dedication that others simply are NOT willing to do.

That IS the difference maker. What are YOU willing to go through that your competition will NOT go through?

Lead from the FRONT


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