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Some Parents “get it”. They understand the need for off season training. Some Coaches “get it” and understand the need for their athletes to seek out expert training. Anthony Rosamilia is one of the Dads who “gets it”. See what he says about the results his son has experience since training here 1 1/2 years ago starting at a mere 88 lbs!

“Who Cares…..?”

Ironically, I spoke with a president of a Pop Warner Football Team today. I spoke with him about offering a FREE Exploration day at The Underground or at a location of his choice and he said I was “too late, Football season ended a month ago.”

WOW, how’s that for LACK of support for off season training, and, that’s coming from the PRESIDENT of the Pop Warner League. It shows he has 2 issues:

1) He doesn’t care about REALLY helping the Pop Warner Football players

2) He doesn’t understand at all the power and importance of off season training

Athletes can train year round. There is nothing wrong with being physically active year round.

I spoke to another President right after from a close by town, and, he was super excited, told me he would connect with the parents ASAP and we would set up something for the parents of the 8th grade Football players to help them prepare for high school Football.

This parent understands the importance of off season training AND he is showing that he CARES.

Anthony Rosamilia CARES.

Not all parents or coaches care. It’s a shame to see these negative circumstances and unfortunately they exist, even coming from The President of a Pop Warner Football League 🙁

I feel bad for those kids to have such a S***ty League President. I suggest they vote someone else in 🙂

In Strength,

–Zach + team Underground–

PS: For those who care, we have 2 options:

1) Parents can call us for a FREE trial

2) Presidents / Booster Clubs can call us for FREE events such as Exploration Days, Lectures or Open QnA. Location can be The Underground Strength Gym or your school / training area.

Call to schedule: (732) 379-9370