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Has your son ever been injured?

If he is an athlete, which he is, the answer is YES.

There are many reasons WHY athletes get hurt,
and almost all of them we can do something about.

For female athletes, the ACL injury rate is 400% higher
than it was 10 years ago!

Holy s**t!

Think about it…..

As a parent, you don’t recall ANY of your friends
in high school telling you they are getting:

– ACL repair

– Tommy John surgery

– MCL Strains

And RARELY did your friends get:

– rolled ankles

– strained lower backs

– “my shoulder hurts when I do EVERYTHING….”


Back in the day, the AT in the school taped ankles or
said “put ice on it”…..

Are we too smart nowadays or too soft?

The answer is probably BOTH.

Our athletes are specializing WAY too early in sports
nowadays, causing overuse injuries WAY before
we should any sign of wear and tear.

Injuries to soft tissues happen because:

– the body is not ready for the trauma / overuse

If your muscles and connective tissues are weak,
chances of injury go WAY up.

And, in sports, NOTHING is absolute.

This simply means, you never know what is gonna
happen during sports. There is an inherent risk
factor involved with any and all sports.

So, even if you’re “perfectly prepared”, there is still
a chance of injury.


Now, there are other issues as well:

– Poor joint mobility

– Poor joint stability (unstable joints)

– Poor Flexibility (You don’t need to by super flexible BUT
if you’re too tight, your body moves incorrectly causing
injury to lowerback or other joints such as shoulders, ankles and knees)

So, what is THE answer?

1) Be as well prepared as possible

2) Do mobiity work at home, soft tissue work,
stretching and even yoga

3) Proper nutrition and hydration – a starved and / or dehydated body is a
body on the verge of breakdown

4) Find other ways to improve overall athleticism

– Swimming

– Play more than 1 sport or a variation of your sport so
you avoid the overuse issues or at least minimize
overuse injury chances

– Lifestyle: It ALL counts; how much you sleep,
how health you eat, hydration, stress levels and
NOT always going hard in sports training.

MANY of these things are under your control, minus the
ability to predict what happens during competition.

BUT, most injuries happen are because the athletes
and parents refuse to:

– get 8-9 hrs of sleep per night

– drink plenty of water

– perform mobility and proper stretching at home

– eat healthy

– eat enough (skipping meals, eating processed foods, etc)

Your success is in your hands.

THAT is the ultimate truth!

Being a champion takes a LOT more than
merely going to sports practice and training
at The Underground 2 or 3 x week.

We have LOTS of athletes coming here
who are hurting here, there and everywhere when
we tell them day in and day out to spend 10-20 min
a day stretching and rolling on a rumble roller.

MANY have heard this message for YEARS and
still have NOT invested in a rumble roller.

You can have excuses or you can have results
but I promise you that you can NOT have both.

Live The Code 365,


PS: NO such thing as a part time champion.

Do it NOW, or regret that you missed the opportunity
to be a champion down the road.

The time is NOW.