Manasquan NJ

I’ve seen it go on for too long. Edison High School Football continues it’s crappy record. Too many excuses, NOT enough forward thinking in the program, not enough dedication by the Football players themselves. I used to work for Edison, told them countless times I could help make their athletes stronger, faster, more confident, highly conditioned and the answer was always in the form of an excuse.

Excuses don’t build champions.

We recently had a Basketball Player gain 40 lbs of muscle in one year along with confidence and power unmatched. His “Coach” bought some battling ropes and kettlebells yet had NO clue how to use them, so our Underground Strength Gym athlete taught him how to use them. At least we know they’re hiring qualified people at his school, or, maybe not.

When they saw him play in a Basketball game, tired, rather than use their brain, they said he needs to remove himself from the very program that built him up and motivated him towards achieving bigger, greater goals. How Smart. Keep him in the program where the Coach doesn’t know what he’s doing, remove him from the program that creates results.

The Underground Strength Gym is a place for highly motivated athletes with supportive parents. Period. Nothing less will suffice.

Are you an excuse maker or do you take responsibility?

Champions are built, so prepare to do the work when you get here.

In Strength,


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