Manasquan NJ


We’ve got NEW Underground T Shirts but instead of me ordering 200 shirts and running out of sizes,
I had our shirt co put them online.

This way you can order your exact size.

These are the same style and athletic fitting shirts we’ve been getting for the past 1.5 years.


The shirts ALWAYS stand for something!

– Our logo on the front represents where MUCH of The Underground began, training from The Edison tire yard and building Hammers with my unconventional training methods.

Back in the day every trainer was against my style but the could NOT deny that our results were unmatched.

We prove this time and again with ALL sports…..

Swimmers, Track & Field, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Wrestling, MMA / BJJ, Soccer, Fencing, Cross Country, LAX, Rugby……

The list of sports we’ve worked with goes on and on, from youth to Division 1, to Olympians…. The training gives athletes the edge in Mind, Body & Spirit.

– The Punisher Logo on the sleeve was inspired from realizing that we ALL have potential to be GREAT, BUT, there are external and internal influences and forces that try to pull you down…..

Pulling you down to be average…..

ALL athletes can be GREAT but you MUST fight the negative forces to keep them from holding you down.

Many of our athletes have “friends” who say: “You’re crazy for training at The Underground, just lift at Retro…. just lift at school….”

“It’s too expensive…..”

“It’s too hard…. I’m too tired…. I’m too busy….”

I learn more and more that MOST athletes NEVER had anyone believe in them.

Most athletes may have worked hard BUT they did all the wrong work, wrong technique….. None of their efforts amounted to the results they wished for.

They never had a Coach showing them the way of training that builds Strength NOT just in muscles, but from the heart, the mind and soul.

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Get The Encyclopedia of Underground Strength & Conditioning HERE

We train MORE and Beyond the mere muscles at The Underground.

The Punisher Logo on the sleeve (and on the wall, pictured below) represents that we fight against all negative outside forces.


The back quote on our latest shirt is from Socrates……


Why do I have that quote on the back?

Because I BELIEVE in these kids.

I stand up and fight for what is right with our athletes…..

I KNOW how our training changes lives and so when I see other Coaches who have an open door to get help from us in Manasquan and Edison and REFUSE the help, I get fired UP!

These kids don’t get chances after chances…. Before you know it, they’re seniors and it’s the Last Chance to make it all happen. Kids deserve an honest chance at Success and becoming a Champion. Their success will carry over to life success.

As I always say….

Stand for Something

Or Fall for Anything.


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