Manasquan NJ


Above, Cranford Wrestlers, Corey & Kyle Markovitch

Yesterday I met up with Undergrounders, Corey & Kyle Markovitch at their home turf at Cranford High School.

TaPOuT MagazineBoth wrestlers helped me crank a photo shoot for my bi monthly strength & conditioning column in TaPOuT Magazine, which will hit newsstands late February.

Kyle & Corey took me through their weight room, which was loaded with some old school equipment, AND, it was actually the OLD wrestling room where we used (Edison Wrestling) to scrimmage against Cranford back in 92′ and 93′!!

That was BEFORE Kyle & Corey were born!! OUCH!! ha ha

The room was still REALLY hot, just as I remembered it some 19 years ago!! I had fond memories of my low single as if it was yesterday 🙂

Kyle is currently undefeated at 135 lbs and has won both The JFK and Bloomfield Wrestling Tournaments, these are 2 VERY tough tournaments.

Corey is a sophomore and has made his way into the varsity line up and is one of our most improved wrestlers, not just physically, but mentally as well. Corey’s confidence is light years ahead of where his mind used to be when he first began training with us.

Our training is as much, if not more mental, than physical. Stay tuned as we’ll be hearing BIG things about The Markovitch Brothers from Cranford Wrestling!

In Strength,

–Z & Team Underground–

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