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Last Thursday at Shore Thing Wrestling Club I asked about 60 wrestlers to stay for an extra 10 minutes.

They passed by and most had an excuse as if those 10 minutes of staying after would cause the world to end. I watched them finish up a short push up workout, where a solid 90% could not perform a solid push ups, chest to the floor, rigid body.

The 9 who stayed after really inspired me.

2 of them were The Ghione brothers, who I had seen at 4 PM that day at Manasquan Underground Strength Gym.

1 of them was a high school Wrestling Coach.

Another was a former Brick Wrestler now in college.

The next morning The Ghione’s went running with their Mom. I doubt Mom forced them to do the work. These boys are self motivated but there is also LOTS to be said when kids learn work ethic from their parents.

Don’t confuse athletes working hard with parents forcing their kids to constantly train. There is a BIG difference.

On the other end of the spectrum, the parents that make excuses for their kids enable their kids to accept average behavior.

Like the example I just gave with 90% of the kids making excuses for why they can’t stay an extra 10 minutes or straight up did NOT WANT to stay.

If you want to win, it’s easier today than ever before. As you can see, it’s typical that 90% don’t even TRY. They QUIT before it’s time. They quit on their own OR their parents make ridiculous excuses for them.

Parents – Get TOUGHER on your kids.

They WILL get their homework done and they will NOT suddenly cry themselves to sleep if they train 2 x week.

Back in the day elementary age kids worked 12 hr days on the farm.

Why have we gotten away from encouraging HARD work?

It makes kids tougher, gets them motivated and teaches them valuable life lessons. These kids are the future of America. The 9 who stayed after will be the ones who rise to the top when they enter the work force in the future. They will be the MEN we count on to bring the company back to life, to raise morale, to lead the company and help create success for their families.

NOTE the comment on the photo above from Borg808If it is important, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse.

“Borg” is a man who is in charge of keeping surfers alive in the most dangerous of places. He stepped up and took care of his community with a position that most fear and would not want to take on. He took responsibility where other men would rather not. He IS a Leader.

I’m proud of the boys who stayed after last Thursday, whether I know you or not, you inspired me and I am proud of you for rising above and refusing to conform to the majority who prefer excuses over SUCCESS.

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