Manasquan NJ

They Need Help But Don’t Want It. The Problem With Entitlement

Last night I was at Shore Thing Wrestling Club. The room was packed and as always, before I train guys, I give those who don’t want to do the work an out. I have NO desire to work with lazy athletes who are too arrogant or too lazy to train. So, I tell them, if […]

Do You Want To WIN?

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] Last Thursday at Shore Thing Wrestling Club I asked about 60 wrestlers to stay for an extra 10 minutes. They passed by and most had an excuse as if those 10 minutes of staying after would cause the world to end. I watched them finish up a short push up workout, where […]

NJ Wrestling Season, In The Air

September is here, the nights are getting cooler and I feel like I can smell wrestling season in the air. Step up your training just enough, but not TOO much, as you want to enter the season fresh, strong and healthy, NOT on the verge of burn out. Wrestle or take up Judo 2 – […]

Shore Wrestlers Show Dedication?

With The Underground cranking inside Shore Thing Wrestling Club one would assume these guys would wanna take advantage of what is IN their own back yard. Perhaps NOT. Perhaps sleeping in is better than winning? One team which IS showing dedication is The Monmouth Regional High School Wrestling team, traveling all the way from Tinton […]

Underground Strength @ Shore Thing Wrestling Club, Part II

Here is Part II of the “equipment” I’ll be bringing with me down to The Underground Strength inside Shore Thing Wrestling Club. Starting July 6th at Shore Thing Wrestling Club. If you are a wrestler or parent from Shore Thing and received your invite, you can e mail me to apply. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE. […]

Underground Strength @ Shore Thing Wrestling Club, Part I

Here is a little insight into the beginning of the stages of getting all equipment and systems ready for the wrestlers who are about to sign up for The Underground Strength Club Inside of Vinny Santaniello’s Shore Thing Wrestling Club. Check it and come back for Part II….. Coming soon! Kettlebells are scheduled to arrive […]

NJ Wrestling Workout

The biggest wrestling web site in the world, FLOWrestling, stopped by The Underground to see how our wrestlers train. They captured it all on film and here’s the low down on how things went, pretty darn awesome: Starting early July there will be an Underground Strength Gym running inside of Vinny Santaniello’s Shore Thing Wrestling […]